The greatest wealth is hidden in books

It feels good to move your finger down their backs. And to look at the bookcase in which they reside. The bookcase must be sturdy to carry all those thoughts. Flexible to fill the space or to divide it if necessary. The most pleasing of all is when the bookcase breathes of solid wood, complementing the scent of pages being read.

„Klon“ Bookcase - Javorina v.d.

„Klon“ Bookcase

„Vetva“ Shelf - Javorina v.d.

„Vetva“ Shelf

„Link+“ Bookcase - Javorina v.d.

„Link+“ Bookcase

Detail of „Link+“ bookcase - Javorina v.d.

Detail of „Link+“ bookcase

Wisdom of a book and beauty of the bookcase. Irresistible combination

Behind Javorina`s furniture stand people with perfect understanding of wood. The result of their work are products with a distinctive design and a sophisticated structure that meets the customers` highest demands. We are moving the bar higher and higher, while adhering to our values ​​and traditions which have shaped us. Javorina furniture combines the world`s quality of solid furniture with modern timelessness. We work with attention to detail because it matters most to us.

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