Fall asleep with and wake up to the scent of nature

We sleep about a third of our lives. And what can induce sweeter dreams better than a good bed? Solid and gentle in its design, tuned to the smallest details. Perfectly crafted from genuine wood and carefully designed for relaxation.

„Next“ Bed with bedside table - Javorina v.d.

„Next“ Bed with bedside table

„Terra“ Bed  - Javorina v.d.

„Terra“ Bed

Detail of „Tatran“ Bed’s head - Javorina v.d.

Detail of „Tatran“ Bed’s head

„Tatran“ Bed with bedside table - Javorina v.d.

„Tatran“ Bed with bedside table

Massive oak and walnut beds

Behind Javorina`s furniture stand people with perfect understanding of wood. The result of their work are products with a distinctive design and a sophisticated structure that meets the customers` highest demands. We are moving the bar higher and higher, while adhering to our values ​​and traditions which have shaped us. Javorina furniture combines the world`s quality of solid furniture with modern timelessness. We work with attention to detail because it matters most to us.

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