1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all contracts that Javorina, a production cooperative with its registered office: Továrenská 29, 059 01 Spišská Belá registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Prešov, Section Dr. Entry no .: 224 / P, IČO: 00 168 599, VAT No .: 2020515552, IČ DPH: SK2020515552 (hereinafter referred to as "Seller"), for the sale of 'JAVORINA' products published on the website and the seller's printed catalogs ("Goods"). When purchasing through the internet shop, the Business Terms published on

1.2 The Application of the General Conditions of Business of the other Party or any other General Terms and Conditions of Business is expressly excluded, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. In wholesale relations, the terms of the current Trade Agreement apply.


2.1 An entrant can order the goods in the usual way - directly at the store, mail or via the internet shop. The order becomes binding only after it has been officially confirmed by the seller with a fixed price and a preliminary delivery time.

2.2 The Purchase Order is also a proposal for a purchase contract (the "Contract"), for receipts requiring payment of an advance to the purchaser in the amount of 25% of the purchase price of the ordered goods for the catalog products, for the atypical products the deposit is 50% - 100% range of atypical item. In wholesale relations, the terms of the current Trade Agreement apply.


3.1 The furniture is made of solid wood with the exception of furniture parts for which solid wood is not suitable, but the materials used are declared in the product product list. (the other materials used are veneered with MDF or laminated solid material and solid spruce.The quality of the veneer for the used MDF is B / C. The center of the double bed is made of spruce wood.) The constructional properties and load capacity of the individual products are set out in the Product Data Sheets.

3.2 Solid wood used may contain defects that naturally occur in natural material but must be professionally repaired in visible places. VIsible surfaces may contain defects of natural nature (knots, gills, ...) up to max. 4 cm² area, run-of-the-mill, slight discoloration, color and structural distinction of massive wood. Longitudinal lamella bridging is also allowed for products longer than 200 cm. The interior parts of the furniture are allowed to ‚work‘ and the length of the brazing without limitation, the defects of natural character to the extent of 10 cm2. On the invisible surfaces (lower sides - bottom, table top, back sides of the back, ...), local small-scale and sound knots, local defects of wood of natural nature are permited.

3.3 Furniture is designed to accommodate normal temperature and humidity differences in interiors, but is not designed for excessively dry or humid environments or exterior. The moisture content of the wood is 9 +/- 2%. Wood cracking in the glued joint is unacceptable, micro cracks on the surface due to wood moisture change to a width of up to 0.2 mm are allowed. Bending and transverse direction due to moisture change is normally in the range of +/- 0.2% in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

3.4 In case of atypical production of the goods, extended lead times are allowed, depending on the requirements of the buyer.

3.5 The furniture is surface-treated in two layers, however, it is possible that minor variations in surface quality (slight roughening of the surface by the incrustation of wood fiber) may occur after the transport and after unpacking due to the varying structure of the wood as a natural material. These changes are usually easily removed by simply treating the furniture (by scuffing and oiling with oil-based furniture treatment solution) even at home.

3.6 Cabinet and cabinet products are delivered in assembled condition. Beds, desks and desks not assembled. Their assembly is very simple. Assembly instructions are part of all the products delivered in the knock down state.

3.7 Products are usually packed in multiple layers of protective and packaging materials to reduce the risk of shipping damage. The manufacturer prefers delivery of goods within his / her own services along with assembly.


4.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the seller's costs for packaging and shipping to the place of delivery are included in the price of the goods (applies to within country of Slovakia)(, but it is not possible to deliver services independently of the delivery of the goods. separate deliveries and other services.

4.2 After the ordered goods have been manufactured, the purchaser is obliged to pay the purchase price balance at the latest on collection. In wholesale relations, the terms of the current Trade Agreement apply.

4.3 In the event of a delay in the payment of the debt, the seller has the right to require the buyer to pay interest on late payment (Section 5.7 of the GTC).

4.4 In the event of a non-cash transfer to the seller's account, the buyer shall indicate the order number as the variable symbol. All prices include 20% VAT.Banking: Sberbank, a.s. Bratislava, Branch PopradNumber of Accounts, Bank Code: 4310 112 209 / 3100BIC: LUBA SK BXIBAN SK 72 3100 0000 0043 1011 2209.

4.5 When purchasing goods, the buyer will receive a tax document and a payment receipt.

4.6 The Bank charges for an iternational transfer are covered by te purchaser.

4.7 The Contracting Parties undertake to settle their tax obligations under the laws in force in the Slovak Republic.

4.8 The Parties undertake to accept any legislative changes in the legal order of the Slovak Republic, including amendments to the tax laws that will affect the Agreement and will respect their application over time their validity.


5.1 The seller is obliged to deliver the goods according to the specification agreed in the Contract.

5.2 Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the buyer at the place of performance agreed in the contract. The buyer takes over the goods and confirms the receipt by his/her signature.

5.3 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the seller is obliged to deliver the ordered goods within no more than 10-12 weeks from the confirmation of the order (deposit reception) by the seller. The standard production time for Javorina assortment is 6-8 weeks.

5.4 If the seller is in delay with the delivery of the goods according to point 5.3 (does not deliver the goods at the agreed delivery date), the buyer has the right to require the seller to pay a contractual fine of 0.05% of the total purchase price of the goods specified in the contract, delay. The seller is not obliged to pay the contractual penalty if he did not commit the breach.

5.5 Buyer is not entitled to claim compensation for damages caused by breach of the obligation to which the contractual penalty applies.

5.6 If the buyer does not pay the purchase price in time, the seller is entitled to deny the sale of the goods, in which case the buyer has no right to require the seller to pay the contractual penalty according to clause 5.4 of these GBCs.

5.7 The buyer is obliged to receive and accept the ordered goods. In case of breach of this obligation and non-acceptance of the goods within 14 days of the end of the order announced and the expiry of the stipulated delivery period of the producer (Section 5.3 of the GTC), the Seller shall be entitled to compensation for the damage caused, lost profits and storage (pursuant to § 614, paragraph 2 OZ) amounting to 0.05% of the value of the unpayment of the respective order for each day of storage. The seller has the right to claim the resulting damages from the prepayment of the client, transferred upon confirmation of the order.


6.1 The warranty period is 24 months for a private person, 12 months for companies. Guarantee to a greater extent, the seller may also provide the buyer with their agreement, as well as a unilateral statement in the warranty card as well as in the advertisement. The warranty period, legal, agreed or provided by a warranty statement, will begin to run substantially from the takeover of the product to the buyer.

6.2 The seller's liability for defects in the goods, the conditions and the manner of the complaint, including the data on where the claim can be made and the guarantee repairs, informs the consumer of the seller's REPRESENTATIVE LAW on or - for online shopping.


7.1 The parties agree that all disputes arising from or in connection with the Agreement will be settled by mutual agreement. In the absence of agreement, disputes will be finally settled by the appropriate court.

7.2 These General Business Terms become effective by signing of the Agreement, or by transfering the deposit (which confirms acceptance of the GT&C).

7.3 Buyer by sending an order, by payment of an advance payment confirms that he has become acquainted with these General Terms and Conditions of Business and Rules of Complaint and accepts the conditions set forth therein.

The Supervisory Authority is the Inspectorate of the Slovak Trade Inspection, located in Prešov Prešov Region, Obrancov mieru 6. Prešov.

If the consumer is not satisfied with the seller's handling of his claim or if he believes that the seller has breached his rights, he is able to contact the seller for a remedy. If the seller replies to a request for correction or rejects it within 30 days from the date of dispatch, the consumer has, pursuant to § 12 of Act no. 391/2015 Z.z. on alternative dispute resolution of consumer disputes and on the amendment of some laws the right to make a proposal to start an alternative solution to its dispute. The relevant business entity for alternative dispute resolution with an e-shop operator is the Slovak Trade Inspection ( or other relevant legal entity registered in the List of Alternative Dispute Resolution Bodies maintained by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, with the consumer having the right to choose which of these alternative dispute resolution entities to address. At the same time, the consumer can use the on-line dispute resolution platform available on to submit a proposal for alternative dispute resolution. Information on draft charges is found by the consumer on the website of a specific ADR entity.


8.1 Surface treatment of furniture with preparations based on natural waxed oils is today the predominant surface treatment of modern solid wood furniture. It preserves the natural character of the product and its significant advantage is also the easy maintenance and full recovery of damaged surfaces in domestic conditions. On the other hand, oil does not provide as much protection against moisture and mechanical damage as painting (especially at the start of use), and therefore it is necessary to create a coarser continuous layer of oil and wax with regular care. After purchasing a final oil treatment product, we recommend that all but especially the top surfaces of the tables and furniture tables be gently wiped with abrasive cloth, oil with oil and, after 1-2 minutes, wipe the excess oil with a dry cloth (supplied by Javorina in the furniture care package). Color-treated surfaces will only be finely sanded (scuffed), but sufficiently to avoid glossy continuous surfaces. In case of non-availability of furniture oil, commercial preparations containing waxes and oils can be used for the usual treatment, as we follow the instructions of the product. If treatment is repeated 1-2 times a month, a continuous protective layer will be created which will be highly resistant to damage and liquids, adds elegant elegance to the furniture and the surface will feel very comfortable on the touch.

8.2 The "Javorina" furniture is not suitable for outdoor use, and for its full functionality it has to be placed in the interior with a temperature in the range of 10 - 30 ° C and humidity in the range of 35 - 70%.


9.1 The consumer has, under Act no. 102/2014 Z. z. on the protection of the consumer in the sale of goods or the provision of services on the basis of a distance contract or contract concluded outside the premises of the seller and amending certain laws (hereinafter "the Act") pursuant to the provisions of § 7 and the following right to withdraw from the purchase agreement into 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods. Where the supply contract is the subject of a sales contract, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract even before the goods are delivered.

9.2 The consumer is obliged to deliver the written withdrawal from the purchase contract not later than the last day of the specified deadline to the contact address of the seller or to surrender the resignation for postal transport no later than the last day of the deadline to the address that appears in the contacts. The consumer is required to send or deliver personally the subject of the contract from the contract after the notice of withdrawal, together with all the documentation - the original of the invoice, instructions and other documentation for the goods delivered to him with the goods, but not later than 14 days after the date of resignation (Section 10 paragraph 1 of the Act). We advise buyers to make a copy of the invoice for their own use and send the goods as recommended and as an insured item. To withdraw from the contract, you can use the following form: Withdrawal from a sales contract where you need to fill out the minimum data with the "*" - asterisk.

9.3 Goods do not send us a cash on delivery, such goods will not be taken over.

9.4 The e-shop operator returns the paid service for the goods / service, including transport costs in accordance with § 9 ods. 3) of Act no. 102/2014 Z.z. as well as costs demonstrably incurred for ordering the goods within 14 days from the date of delivery of the cancellation but does not have to return the money before the goods are delivered to him or the consumer does not prove the sending of the goods, this does not apply if the seller has suggested he will pick up the goods himself.

9.5 Return costs are borne by the consumer.

9.6 The right of withdrawal does not apply to goods and services as defined in §7 par. Article 6 a) to l) of Act no. 102/2014. Z.z..

9.7 The consumer shall bear any reduction in the value of the goods caused by its use beyond what is necessary to establish the functionality and properties of the goods.


10.1 Personal data are processed pursuant to the Act no. 18/2018 Statutes on Personal Data Protection as amended.

10.2 The controller does not provide the buyer's personal data to a third party other than the chosen shipping company that arranges the delivery of the goods or services or to the state authorities in the case of inspection or to the intermediary on the basis of a mutual agreement entered into pursuant to the Act no. 18/2018 Statutes.

10.3 The controller is obliged to secure personal data from unauthorized breach through adoption of appropriate technical and organizational measures. In addition, all employees of the controller are required to observe confidentiality of personal data.

10.4 The data subject's rights are defined in the provisions of art. § 19 et seq. of the Act no. 18/2018 on Personal Data Protection, as amended, namely:

  • the right to information that is complied with by publishing of the present content and our general terms and conditions,
  • the right of the data subject to request access to personal data relating to him - § 21 of the Act gives you the right to request how and for what purposes your data is processed. This request can be addressed to us through our contact e-mail,
  • the right to make corrections to personal data - § 22 of the Act allows you to correct your personal data if they are outdated,
  • the right to delete personal data - you can exercise your right under § 23 of the Act if you are no longer interested in the controller's continued personal data processing,
  • the right to limit personal data processing - you can exercise your right under § 24 of the Act if you believe your personal data have been processed contrary to the law,
  • the right to object to personal data processing - § 27 of the Act,
  • the right to data portability,
  • the right to notify the supervisory authority in relation to the personal data processed.

10.5 The controller obtains the following personal data from the buyer: title or academic degree, first name, last name, address, delivery address, billing address, phone number, e-mail address. These are processed in order to properly handle your order. These personal data are stored for 10 years for archiving purposes. As part of the ordering process, personal data are processed for the purpose of issuing invoices, issuing stock (delivery) notes, arranging transport and keeping accounting records.


10.6 These sites record your IP address, information on how much time you spend viewing those sites, and information about what sites you are redirected from to our site. Cookies are text files stored on your computer and are also used to measure website traffic and personalize page views, and we can offer you better quality thanks to these files. Therefore, we perceive these files as our legitimate interest. Some cookies are third party files, e.g. YouTube, Google, and so on.

10.7 You can delete your cookies at any time or set up collecting thereof directly in your browser settings. If you would like to refuse collecting cookies, do so through the respective settings of your internet browser.

10.8 If the buyer agreed to have his personal data processed for the purposes of e-mail marketing during his visit to our online store, he has thus agreed to receiving e-mail messages to his contact e-mail address.

10.9 For the purposes of e-mail marketing, personal data in the scope of first and last name, e-mail address are kept for a five-year period. These personal data are not provided to third parties.

10.10 The buyer may withdraw his consent at any time by sending us his withdrawal of the consent to Personal Data processing, which we comply with by immediate data deletion. We will no longer use your personal data for e-mail marketing purposes.


1.1 Pursuant to § 18 of Act no. 250/2007 Coll. on consumer protection, amending Act of the Slovak National Council. 372/1990 Coll. on offenses, as amended (the "Consumer Protection Act") issues:

Tovarenska 29
059 01 Spišská Belá, SLOVAK REP.

registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Prešov, Section Dr, File No. 224 / P, ID: 00168599, DIČ: 2020515552, VAT ID: SK2020515552 following Reclamation, which inform consumers about their rights, conditions and how to claim instructions including information about where a complaint can be applied and carrying out warranty repairs.

1.2 If the hereafter of the claims procedure exists designation "seller" is meant as the JAVORINA, vd, Továrenská 29, 059 01 Spišská Belá and where in the text occurs label "consumer" and "buyer" shall be known as a CUSTOMER as defined specified in the Act on the protection of consumers who purchased a particular product from the seller.

1.3 A claim means the application of liability for defects in a product or service.

1.4 Complaints procedure must be in a conspicuous place accessible to the consumer.

1.5 This Complaints procedure informs the consumer rights covered by mandatory legal provisions, in particular the provisions of Consumer Protection Act and the Civil Code.


2.1 Seller is responsible for ensuring that the product is agreed or legislation provided for the quality, quantity or weight of the peace and be free from defects, in particular, must comply with mandatory technical standards. Where the nature of the product allows, the buyer has the right to make a product rechecked before him or to his work showcased.

2.2 wear characteristic of a given material or use is not considered a defect.

2.3 If necessary in order to maintain the product in use specific rules, especially if the drug comply with the instructions or the modified technical standard, the seller must inform the buyer with them, unless it comes to the rules generally known. If the seller does not fulfill this obligation, the buyer shall pay the damages that arose from that. Fulfill this obligation, it is possible in different ways. This may happen as an explanation by giving written instructions for use both at the same time and under. While it depends on the particular circumstances of the case, it is sufficient to alert the buyer to the attached written instructions or whether it must go further acquaintance. Specific rules concerning the use of the product itself features especially the product sold, maintenance, storage, and so on. Mentoring does not have an obligation to the seller only when it comes to the rules generally known. Generally recognized rules can be regarded as the rules contained in generally binding legislation.

2.4 The product has defects that do not, so that it can be used for its intended purpose, should only be sold at a lower price than the usual price flawless product; Buyer should be noted that a product has a defect and what fault it is, if it is not already clear from the nature of the sale. Defective product may be new, but also used; When using the product defect it shall also mean the assets. At selling a used or modified product, a defect or a product whose utility is otherwise impaired, the sellers of these factors clearly warn consumers in advance. Such a product must be sold separately.

2.5 The seller is liable for defects of the product sold on receipt by the buyer. When using the product is not liable for defects caused by their use or wear. Product sold at a lower price is not responsible for the defect, which has been negotiated for a lower price if the seller fulfills the obligations arising from the sale of a defective product (mentioned in paragraph 2.4). For other defects of the product but is responsible. Full responsibility for defects and new product sold at a price lower than usual due to sales.

2.6 If there is a product that is highly perishable, or on the product used, the seller is liable for defects that occur after taking the product under warranty (warranty).


3.1 Rights from liability for defects for which the warranty period shall be extinguished if not exercised within the warranty period.

3.2 The warranty period is 24 months. Guarantee a greater extent, the seller provide the buyer on the basis of their agreement or unilateral declaration in the warranty and also in advertising. The warranty period, statutory, or agreed to make a declaration in the warranty shall commence essentially taken over by the buyer. However, if you have purchased a product to put into operation another entrepreneur than a seller, begins the warranty period shall commence from the day the product to the operation, provided that the buyer has ordered putting into operation no later than three weeks after receipt of a properly and timely provided to carry out the services required cooperation. If the buyer complies with these conditions, it passes warranty period from the date of taking over.

3.3 Rights from liability for defects in things that spoils quickly, must be applied no later than the day following the purchase; otherwise, the right shall expire.

3.4 In the case of the product used, disappear rights from liability for defects, unless applied within 24 months from the date of receipt of the product used by the buyer or the time at which the seller and the buyer agreed by 2/3.

3.5 Period of application rights from liability for defects until the buyer after the repair was required to take the product is in the warranty period. The seller shall give the buyer a confirmation of when the right was asserted, as well as the repair and the time of its duration.

3.6 In the event of replacement, the warranty period shall begin to run again from the commissioning of a new product. The same applies if there is a replacement of the component to which the guarantee is provided.


4.1 Rights from liability for defects shall be applied immediately under warranty from the seller - Javorina in. d. Továrenská 29, 059 01 Spišská Belá, and if possible, given the charaktervýrobku, hand over the claimed product researcher responsible settle the complaint. If the nature of the product does not deliver the product to the seller or to servisnéhostrediska, request the removal of defects on the spot or arrange a mode of transportation of the product. The buyer is entitled to reimbursement of necessary expenses incurred in connection suplatnením claim (§ 598 CC).

4.2 The consumer has no further use of the product on which the defect found.

4.3 The application claims need to submit proof of purchase and / or on the warranty in case it has been delivered.

4.4 If the consumer files a complaint, the seller or a designated employee or designated person is obliged to inform the consumer of his rights under § 622 and § 623 OZ (repair, replacement, discount, refund).

4.5 At the discretion of the consumer, which of the rights of the consumer exercises, the seller is obliged to determine the method of complaint by the nature of defects immediately, in complicated cases within 3 working days, in justified cases, in particular where a complex technical assessment of the condition of the product or service within 30 days of the claim.

4.6 After determining the way how to equip the complaint immediately, in appropriate cases a complaint can fit at a later date; Complaint shall not trvaťdlhšie than 30 days. After this period the consumer is entitled to cancel the contract, or has the right to exchange the product with a new product.

4.7 Equipment complaint, the complaint proceedings completion handing over the repaired product, replacement of the product, refund the purchase price of the product, the payment of adequate discount from the price of the product, written prompted to download performance or its reasoned refusal. 04/08 GROUNDS FOR REFUSAL claim is filed within the first 12 months of purchase is the rejection of the complaint on the basis of expertise, ie Expertise without the vendor's claim be rejected.

4.9 If the consumer product complaints exercised after 12 months of purchase and the seller rejected it, the person who has equipped complaint, is mandatory proof of a complaint to indicate to the consumer may send the product for expert assessment. If the product is sent to consumers the expertise of the designated person, the cost of expert assessment, and any other ancillary Related reasonably incurred costs borne by the seller regardless of the outcome of professional judgment. If the consumer expert assessment shows the seller's liability for defects, a complaint can apply again. Re-filed complaint can not be dismissed. The seller is obliged to reimburse the consumer within 14 days from the date of the claim back any costs incurred for expert assessment, as well as all related costs reasonably incurred.

10.4 An expert assessment is the expression of a forensic expert or opinion issued by authorized, notified or accredited person or the opinion of qualified manufacturer to perform warranty repairs.

11.4 The seller is obliged to issue a consumer complaint application confirmation. If the claim is put into effect by means of distance communication, the seller is required to confirm the submission of a complaint immediately delivered to the consumer; If you can not deliver the certificate immediately, it must be delivered without delay and at the latest together with proof of settlement of the claim; confirmation of the submission of a complaint may not be delivered, if the consumer has the opportunity to prove a complaint in another way.

12.4 The seller is obliged to settlement of the claim in a written document within 30 days from the date of the claim.

13.4 The consumer is obliged to accept a complaint after the product within the agreed period, within one month of the expiry of the time when the correction should be made.


5.1 If the defect can be removed, the buyer has the right to be free, timely and properly removed. If the right to remove product defects reasonably exercised, the seller is obliged to remove the defect without undue delay within 30 days. Akpredávajúci defect removed within that period, becomes defect subjective indelible; kupujúcimôže apply in this case as well as the right from liability for defects, which include his priobjektívne unavoidable defects t. j. the right to exchange the product withdrawal or a right to a discount on the purchase price.

5.2 Buyer may instead of removing defects require replacement of the product or if the defect relates only to the product, replace components, provided this does not result in unreasonable costs to the seller for the price of a product or the severity of the defect.

5.3 If the buyer exercises the right to remove defects, the seller may always instead of removing defects replace the defective product with a good one. This authorization to choose between repair and to exchange belongs exclusively to the seller.

5.4 If the defect can not be removed and which prevents the product could properly be used as a product with no defects, the buyer has the right to exchange the product or has the right to withdraw odzmluvy. Once, however, the buyer selects one of these rights can not have that choice itself unilaterally change unless it becomes a law is impossible to exchange the product, for example. because the seller no longer has such a product, which would be its manufacturing brand, type, design and other features originally coincided with the release of a product. The right to replacement or withdrawal belong to the buyer, even if it is indeed the removable defects, but if the buyer is not for the repeated occurrence of the defect after repair or due to a greater number of product defects proper use. O "repeated occurrence of the defect after repair" can talk when the same defect as it was in the warranty period, at least two are deleting occurs again. The same defect but not when it appears after the previous repair another defect has not yet been claimed. The greater number of defects will go on when the product is at the same time at least three removable defects, each of the defects preventing proper use of the product.

5.5 In the case of other irremovable defects that do not preclude that the product could properly be used as a product without defects the buyer is entitled only to a reasonable discount from the price of the product. The discount should reflect the reduction in the value of the product sold; It would however be borne in mind, as manifested in the use of the product defect, or impairs its appearance and so on.

5.6 If the product is sold at a lower price, or used a product has a defect for which the seller is responsible, the buyer has the right instead of right to exchange the product at a reasonable discount.

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The finishing of furniture with products based on natural waxed oils is a predominant finish in modern solid furniture. It maintains the natural character of the product and its major benefit lies in easy maintenance and full restoration of damaged surfaces in home conditions. On the other hand, oil finishing does not provide as much protection against moisture and mechanical damage as varnishing (especially in the beginning of use), and therefore, with regular care, it is necessary to create as thick a continuous layer of oil and wax as possible . Having purchased an oil-finished product, it is advisable to gently brush all, but especially the upper and top surfaces of the tables and chests with an abrasive cloth, to apply oil and after 1-2 minutes, to soak any remaining oil with a dry cloth (part of Javorina furniture care kit). Color-treated surfaces should be wiped gently but sufficiently to avoid continuous glossy surfaces. Should furniture oil not be available, commercial preparations containing waxes and oils such as Pronto (Johnson and Johnson) may also be used for the usual treatment. In such case it is recommended to proceed according to the product instructions.

If the treatment is initially repeated once or twice a month, a coherent protective layer will form, highly resistant to damage and fluids, giving the furniture elegant luster and a surface very pleasant to touch.

If the surface of the oil-finished furniture is damaged due to fluids, scratches, etc., the repair is similar - rub the damaged area with a sand paper in direction of wood fibers and smoothen it with the abrasive cloth. Apply the furniture oil and after 1-2 minutes, soak the surplus oil into a dry cloth to leave the surface dry. Repeat the cloth smoothing and oil application the next day. Eventually lighter color shade of the treated area should blend in with the surrounding area over time by the effect of light. (see surface repair).

Surface treatment - oil ensures full protection only after complete cure, which is 14 days according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The surface then becomes abrasion-resistant, non-staining, it leaves no prints, but may be more sensitive to stains and wet soiling before that time.

It is recommended that the material used in oil application be dipped in water (washed) or burned to avoid possible spontaneous ignition.

Oils and furniture care agents are a part of every order, or can be ordered at, or, over the phone, fax or by a letter.


Additional surface treatment with varnish application to the areas under load (according to our offer) does not meet the definition of "oil-finished" furniture.

In case you own varnished furniture, please do not use oil or the above procedures when treating and maintaining it. Observe instructions for cleaning and maintenance of common varnished furniture. Thank you.

"Javorina" furniture can be found in the chain of stores listed at or Each authorized dealer has goods available at his point of sale at the same retail price, and it is recommended he charge the same price for the same type of services. In Slovakia, all Javorina products in the sales network come with transportation, home delivery and installation.

Individual requirements and high standard of home delivery and installation is a matter of individual consultation and subsequent setting of a custom-made price. (tall buildings with no elevator, oversized products, difficulty accessing parking). For more information about these services, please contact our resellers.

Drying of oak wood is a time-consuming process, so our standard lead time spans 8 to 10 weeks following confirmation of receipt of the deposit. We deliver the selected range of serial products to clients in the Slovak and Czech Republic within 8-10 weeks of deposit receipt.

Standard lead time does not apply to orders including atypical products and products from the American Massive Walnut.

The manufacturer, Javorina v.d., reserves the right to change lead time (in response to variable factors entering the production process, subcontracting and logistics solutions).

In case of larger orders and complex interior solutions, it is possible to manufacture atypical products at the customer's request.

Please, consult the individual approach and our solution options with our professional representatives.

As a rule, our preference is to go with established standard goods and Javorina assortment. The application of custom-made Javorina design to the interior under creation is subject to a feasibility assessment. In recent years, Javorina's varied focus provided us with many opportunities to deliver complete interior furnishing to both, residential homes and commercial premises (restaurants, hotels, churches, monasteries, wineries, wine shops ... ).

Our furniture is produced in basic color shades, which we define as follows:

  • Natural design - oil extracted from flax seed containing wax.
  • Light shade - oil extracted from flax seed containing wax with the white (code W - white) and grey (code G - grey) pigment.
  • Dark shade - oil extracted from flax seed containing wax with grey (code T - dark grey), chocolate (code J - JAB) and coffee (code C - coffee) pigment. Prior to getting its oil finishing, wooden material Duba is "steam treated" in a chamber where it undergoes a full-blown darkening thanks to the respective chemical process.

All Javorina product surfaces are treated by manual oil application, smooth rubbing of the oil into the fibers and subsequent wiping of excess oil from the surface. It takes at least 24 hours for the process to be completed unless the shades are dark, in which case the process takes no less than 48 hours. Full surface resistance is achieved after 14 days when the surface becomes highly resistant and color stable.


Over time, the oak acquires a deeper shade due to UV radiation and oxidation, under which the oak wood color becomes richer. Continuous treatment of the surface parts of the furniture will restore their durability while reviving the furniture’s structure and its beautiful color.

Visit our online store at or one of our vendors you can find at

We will always be glad to hear from you directly at Javorina in Spišská Belá via tel. +421 52 458 1660 or e-mail to

Solid oak wood is considered to be structured, and in its natural state it already shows quite large differences in color and structure. Wood from different logging locations is of different color, but differences in color and structure of the same trunk are also natural (e.g. the mid - edge part, the radial - tangential section of the trunk, ...). Color differences may be accentuated further in the process of drying and, in particular, final finishing, mainly by oil treatment.

Oil treatment brings the structure and color differences in solid oak wood to the forth and significantly distinguishes the furniture from the veneer type, which is usually much more homogeneous in terms of color and structure. During manufacturing, the color and structural selection of individual components takes place before they are joined together so that the result is natural. We do not strive for dull uniformity. Oil-treated furniture is much more susceptible to the so-called patina, when exposure to light and air oxidation changes its color to honey shade, and individual differences in color are lost over time.

Our furniture is made of solid oak wood, with the exception of cabinet backs, drawer bottoms and the bottom shelf on the drawer night table NS35, which are oak veneered MDF. (The veneer in these places is used for structural reasons). The double bed center is made of spruce wood. Processed oak wood may contain defects naturally occurring in original material, which must be professionally repaired in visible places. External surfaces exposed to view may include natural defects of up to 15-20 mm in diameter, sapwood spreads, slight discoloration, color and structural differences (see Javorina furniture quality parameters below), natural to solid wood. Sapwood in interior parts of the furniture is allowed without limitation, as is lengthwise overlapping and natural defects of up to 35 mm in diameter. Inside the invisible areas (lower sides of the bottoms, table tops, back sides of the back panels, ...) local small-scale unevenness of shaving, filing and local repairs are allowed. Longitudinal lamella bridging is also allowed for products more than 200 cm long.

The furniture is oil-treated twice during manufacturing; however, it is possible that minor variations in surface quality (slight roughening of the surface due to straightening of wood fiber) may occur as a result of different natural wood structure, possibly by changes in humidity of the environment after shipping and unpacking. These changes are usually easily removed by the procedure described in the text on maintenance (see FAQ / Care for Oil-treated Furniture).

Cabinet and wardrobe products are supplied in assembled condition, beds, tables and coffee tables unassembled. However, their assembly is very simple - usually only four screws are needed. (see installation).

Products are packed in five-layer paper cardboard with special corner protection.

General principles - unless defined otherwise

External visible surfaces

  • Choice of blanks focuses on achieving a harmonious whole with a uniform color and structural / balanced distribution of allowed defects (applied even to rustic quality) where the most beautiful should be the front and top surfaces (chest doors, table tops, chest tops...), then the side surfaces.
  • The area is composed of the material with the same or similar pattern / structure and color (tangential pattern with other tangential patterns, tangential pattern with semi-radial patterns and radial patterns with other radial and semi-radial ones).
  • The less desirably-looking side of the blank is oriented to a less visible side of the panel / joint piece and after gluing, the desirably-looking side of the panels is oriented upwards.
  • Cracked or visible knots and other acceptable defects of natural character, i.e. cracks in the surface, possible defects in processing, are repaired with dark sealant and treated with mastic in the color of wood (darker in cross-section, lighter on the longitudinal surfaces). Sealant in those areas must not be depressed.
  • Knots and permissible defects must not be located on a visible edge. Sectioned knots are, save for the (R and R / C) rustic quality, inadmissible.
  • In undefined cases we proceed in a way so as to achieve the best aesthetic result and we try to see the product through the customer's eyes.

Bottom / inner / invisible areas

  • Inner / bottom visible surfaces (upper sides of the inner shelves, inner sides of side surfaces, bottom surfaces of tables and coffee tables, ...) - must be processed flawlessly (careful sealant filling and grinding) while always keeping an eye on how the side looks.
  • Invisible bottom surfaces (bottom sides of parts, shelves, ...) - defects must be trimmed and ground.

Quality definition of panel sides and joint pieces

Javorina furniture quality class:

  • A - structural and color uniformity, rare, up to 5 mm large eyelets of no more than 3 pcs / m2 evenly distributed, without sapwood spreading..
  • B - selected by structure and color, unlimited eyelets, no more than 3 pcs / m2 of scattered knots allowed of max. 8-10 mm in diameter, rare spread of sapwood allowed, uniform distribution of permissible defects.
  • C - eyelets, sapwood, healthy and protruding (but professionally repaired knots) up to 25 mm in diameter without limitation, rare bark ingrowth, cracks, pith spread allowed.
  • B/C - visible, top / invisible, bottom.
  • R - eyelets, unlimited knots, rare sapwood spread, bark ingrowth, cracks, traces of pith, heart rot allowed.
  • RC - like R, but sapwood, pith, cracks allowed without limitation.

Deviations from the homogeneity of the wood surface

  • Pith - the biological center. Remnant of primary extension of tree growth. It is mostly softer and often of a different color. Oak has a star-shaped pith.
  • Sapwood - the sapwood zone function is to distribute water with dissolved minerals and to store supplies. The width of sapwood is closely related to the width of the crown. Oak sapwood is narrow, its yellow-brown color differs from the core, it is up to 5 cm wide.
  • Sapwood residue - sapwood occurring only at the blank's corner (where the width area and the blank edge area meet), not over the entire area of the blank width.
  • Planar sapwood - sapwood spreading across the entire blank width.
  • Continuous sapwood - passes through the bottom, side and top surface of the blank.
  • Knots - are the stems of live branches or branches that died out during the growth of the tree, enclosed in wood. We recognize joint, joint and cracked and protruding knots.
    • Joint (healthy) knots are firmly cohesive with the surrounding material.
    • Joint cracked knots are tightly cohesive with the surrounding material, but have a drying-induced crack as the wood of the knot is of a greater density and is more prone to drying than the surrounding material.
    • Protruding (unhealthy) knots are not firmly cohesive with the surrounding material, which can cause drying and subsequent breakage of the branch during tree growth, after which it gradually rots and becomes buried underneath the trunk increments.
  • Eyelet cluster (cat’s paws) - their function is horizontal distribution of organic substances in the trunk. They can be seen as lighter rays radiating from the pith or from the growth ring towards the trunk's circumference. On radial surfaces, they form wavy belt areas called mirrors. They are an integral part of oak wood.
  • Pith rays - spread through the bottom, side and top area of the blank.
  • Cracks - cracks in the wood occur during growth, logging and drying. The crack is a split of wood along its fibers. In products, they are acceptable up to 30 mm in length and at the hair breadth.
  • Bark ingrowth - bark grown into the wood structure. It results from an injury and healing of a tree's open wound.
  • Discoloration - change in color of the material's surface or its cross section. It may be caused by growth deviation, which is accompanied by a local change in the wood density (denser - darker, less dense - lighter) or when the tree, through its root system, received substances (minerals, salts, vertical change of substrate layers) during its growth that impacted the wood color resulting in its change.
  • Thread - it is the local curvature of growth rings and fibers caused by the presence of knots or unevenly healed wounds. In sawn timber, we recognize a single-sided thread with growth rings cut on one edge only and a double-sided thread, where the growth rings of one and the same thread are cut on both edges, i.e. the growth ring ripple spreads across the entire width of a plank.
  • Mushroom infestation - mushroom-induced defects are divided into fungi, cancer, sapwood coloration, heartwood coloration, and wood-destroying fungi.
  • Mold - causes wood coloration in the form of stains or continuous coatings. The coloration may be green, green-blue, grey, pink and ruby.
  • Cancer - infestation of a growing tree trunk by heavily parasitic fungi that are able to degrade even live wood and don't allow for wound healing. The wound stays open, grows, and the trunk forms a deeply scarred outgrowth.
  • Mushroom-induced coloring - coloring caused in the first, so- called wood-staining stage of the impact of wood-destroying fungi. The defect is considered to be disturbing from aesthetic point of view rather than in terms of changing wood properties. Colors are typical for different kinds of wood and mushrooms.
  • Wood-destroying fungi - among such known are cellulose eroding fungi (destructive decomposition) causing brown or red rot, ligno-eroding (corrosive decomposition) causing white rot, and a combination thereof.
  • Rot - changes in color, structure, mechanical and physical properties of wood caused by fungi.
  • Insect infestation - wood damage is caused mainly by insect larvae that feed on wood and bark.
  • Muscle and cut fiber

At Spišská Belá, June 01, 2016

Slavomír Alžbetkin, JAVORINA v.d. Sales Director

JAVORINA carpets are hand-woven products made in India. Their material composition is 20% cotton, 80% viscose (art silk).

In home environment, the manufacturer recommends the carpets be only vacuumed or treat by other than wet processes (i.e. sweep, blow the lint away, vacuum, dust off ... ).

Wet cleaning is possible only in a fine chemical process - chemical cleaning in a professional manner without intensive soaking or washing.

Due to its fine woven fiber, in the first months of use, the carpet "lets" lint, forming wools balls, that can easily be removed by frequent vacuuming.

We do not recommend robotic / automatic vacuum cleaners or devices with aggressive rotary brushes for the rug.

Carpets are designated exclusively for interior use.

When stained, proceed as follows

Prior to stain removal, test the edge of the rug for color stability. If the stain reappears, the procedure needs to be repeated.

  • Fruit - use (¾ alcohol, ¼ water) solution.
  • Grease - remove as much as possible with a dry cloth, then use a stain-removing solvent and a carpet powder available.
  • Milk - use stain-removing solvent and then water lightly diluted with alcohol and lemon juice.
  • Sauces - after wiping them with dry cloth, use (½ alcohol, ½ water) solution.
  • Cellulose glue - use acetone, ethyl acetate.
  • Ink - remove as much of it as possible with a dry cloth, then use soap, sponge, water and alcohol. Prevent the carpet from getting damp.
  • Paint - remove as much of it as possible with a dry cloth, then use a solvent and a carpet powder available.
  • Rust - remove with a special agent.
  • Water - use sponge immediately.
  • Eggs - use solvent, then use (½ alcohol, ½ water) solution.
  • Sweets - use (½ alcohol, ½ water) solution, wait until the stain dissolves.
  • Red wine - use (¾ alcohol, ¼ water) solution.
  • Alcoholic beverage - use (½ alcohol, ½ water) solution.
  • Tea, coffee - use (½ alcohol, ½ white vinegar) solution.
  • Chocolate - use stain-removing solvent, then (½ alcohol, ½ water) solution.
  • White coffee - use stain-removing solvent, then (½ alcohol, ½ white vinegar) solution.
  • Alkaline products - use solution of (white vinegar diluted with water at a ratio of 1:3).
  • Tar, smoke - use solvent, then use specialized products available.
  • Blood - use white vinegar (when the stain is still fresh), then remove the excessive fluid with a cloth.
  • Urine - use sponge, then white vinegar.

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