You can buy Javorina furniture at our showrooms, from our online store or from Javorina vendors.

If you are pgit addlanning to purchase several design products from Javorina, visit our showrooms in Praha, Brno, Bratislava, Kosice or Poprad. Several products from each product category and samples of all color variations are on display in the showrooms. Our sellers will be pleased to help you with the choice of furniture, color or finish. In addition, in our showrooms we will prepare a tailor-made offer and we will do our best to meet your every wish.

Ordering goods in our e-shop is very easy, just follow the instructions and other important information listed here.

You can pay for your Javorina product e-shop purchase by choosing one of three proven payment methods:

  1. bank Transfer,
  2. online payment via CardPay,
  3. payment through PayPal.

We thoroughly monitor all purchases and transactions and inform our clients about their progress and success.

Retail OutletsIf you cannot visit our showrooms, look for authorized dealers in Slovakia or in the Czech Republic. The list of dealers can be found here.

Delivery terms Wood is a rare natural resource to be respected. The furniture is made to order so that its production does not pose a burden to the environment and so that we can follow our vision of sustainability.

Therefore, the lead time ranges between 8 to 10 weeks for standard and 8-12 weeks for atypical furniture.

For profesionals

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