All activities in Javorina follow our basic principles - naturalness, renewability, durability and timelessness. Our primary interest is a satisfied customer, continuous innovation of our products and services and a high degree of flexibility.

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Respect for nature is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. The furniture in Javorin is made of natural raw materials - of solid wood from renewable forests, nature-based adhesives and oils. The production cycle is almost closed and produces a minimum amount of waste.


A young oak tree is planted on behalf of each customer in newly established forest in Eastern Slovakia. In this way, each of our customers directly contributes to the renewal of our natural resources.

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The proven design, materials and components used guarantee long life of our furniture. Only materials and fittings from proven and renowned manufacturers are used in our production. In addition, we give a lifelong warranty on many components.



Simple, precise, yet conservative design makes our furniture fashionable for a long time. The quality of our design has earned us many awards won at both domestic and foreign exhibitions.

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