Javorina furniture is made of solid wood, of quality and time-proven types of wood sourced from renewable forests. Premium oak and walnut blanks are processed by a unique technology, honed to perfection over the years. The furniture is made to order with a vision of sustainability so that its production does not pose a burden to the environment.

In Javorina furniture, the rare properties of European oak and American black walnut are retained. Learn more about our product quality parameters.

Natural oils and waxes

Oak products are oil-treated to show the beauty of solid wood design. Nature-based organic preparations are used - flaxseed oil and natural wax. Other than natural color in products is achieved by application of pigmented oils (in case of dark shades by steam treating).

Natural solid walnut furniture (American black walnut, junglans nigra) is treated with oil with a higher dry content.

Such surface treatment ensures easy maintenance and full recovery of your favorite pieces of furniture even at home.

Oak wood - Javorine v.d.

Product stability

Product stability and other technological requirements are met by complementing the furniture structure with other materials in addition to solid wood. However, their origin or properties do not detract from the ecological nature of the furniture (they are used in drawers or for inside door panels).

Solid wood has its own specific features you can read more about below.

Product of wood - Javorine v.d.

Every product is a unique piece

Rovnako ako je unikátny dubový strom, tak aj každý produkt z Javoriny má originálny vzhľad a charakter. Farebná škála produktov a ich prevedenie je osobité v závislosti od použitého materiálu, jeho pôvodu, obsahu minerálov a chemických látok.

Natural, light or dark shade. Our oak furniture is available in several colors.

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