After a successful recruitment event on February 2, 1947, a unanimous vote was cast in favor of founding the cooperative, called Javorina, the artistic and industrial production cooperative in Spišská Belá. The new cooperative chairman was Michal Griger. Later, the cooperative was headed by Vojtech Čauder (1959 - 1972). During this period, Javorina gradually focused its production on repeated joinery products.


Following difficulties concerning the premises, the production started in the fourth quarter of 1972, in the newly-built basic plant. Peter Fronko was elected the chairman. The cooperative achieved first results and the membership base expanded.


The cooperative gradually focused on producing the assortment of interior design, tailor-made rustic furniture and cost-effective products of interest while preserving the artistic nature of workmanship in the product`s character. At that time, the office of the cooperative chairman was held by Pavol Sabol (elected on April 3, 1982).


The cooperative has gradually established new contacts with both private furniture stores and state trading establishment. At the same time, the cooperative opened its own store in Poprad. 1992 marked the transformation of co-operatives, and in 1993, the cooperative bore the effects of market instability. Therefore, it continued to look for business opportunities abroad. In 1998, Naarden Traco, a foreign company, became a member, allowing the cooperative to establish a foothold on the foreign market.


In 1999, Leo Čellár was elected the chairman of the cooperative, heading the 14-member cooperative until now.


Nowadays the cooperative Javorina is a transformed and vital company. Its production program is focused on the production of furniture made of oak and walnut wood with natural surface treatment. In recent years products of Javorina have won awards and recognition at many exhibitions. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding, the cooperative have won the Samuel Jurkovič Prize for achieving outstanding successes in the field of the cooperative business.


In 2019, Slavomír Alžbetkin took over the management of the cooperative. In that year, Javorina became part of the Premium Design Group, which is a strong brand in the field of the higher and luxury segment of interior design. In the years 2018 - 2020, three new representative showrooms in Prague, Košice, and Brno were added to the premises in Poprad and Bratislava.

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