European Oak Tree has been used for furniture production for a long time. Harmonic structure of the resulting product is appreciated as much as its durability. Black Walnut Tree is especially appreciated for its hardwood, with a distinctive, picturesque structure and colourful harmonious appearance.

We believe that thanks to hard wood`s precious properties, craftsmanship, and finish, the products of real wood age well. However, we want you to be absolutely sure of buying our furniture, so we provide an extended 10-year warranty on Javorina solid wood products.

Lifetime warranty on hardware and fittings - Javorine v.d.

Lifetime warranty on hardware and fittings

We create furniture that should not only bring joy but also serve well. Forever. Therefore, every piece of furniture must be of the highest quality. We use reliable Hettich and Blum hinges, drawer sliders, and other fittings for which we provide a lifetime warranty.

Opening, smooth motion and cushioning in moving parts of the furniture, along with sophisticated design and great material, will allow you to enjoy our products and rely upon without any compromises.

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