True to our roots

Wood speaks its own language. We have been listening to it for more than 70 years now and through design of this wood, we show you the stories of the trees. Stories written by Slovak nature. Rough and beautiful, embodied in solid wood furniture that we create with respect to the country and its unchanging cycle of life.

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Through a new, unique production process, we breathe new life into the wood

The nature at the foot of the Tatra mountains likes to give its bounty. Learning to receive and transform this gift while staying true to the nature is an obligation for everyone who cares about tomorrow. We, in Javorina, are not an exception. We are proud of our traditional manufacturing processes, from wood sourcing to oil and wax surface treatment techniques. We have dedicated our life to furniture that is timeless and durable. Every manufactured piece is therefore unique in our eyes, just like any of our customers.

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Coffee table TIN TIN
Handmade by Javorina

Every piece of Javorina furniture is handmade and unique

European oak and American black walnut. These are high-quality and time-tested wood types, which are transformed by classic cabinet-making techniques into valuable furniture. We only use wood from renewable forests. Our work is imbued with a sense of modern beauty and we pay attention to every detail. Our production cycle is almost closed and produces minimal waste. When the cycle is completed, you will be handed over a piece of craftsmanship that will become your family heirloom.

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Dining table ECO
TV cabinet ULTRA

We are a major manufacturer of solid wood furniture in Central Europe

Craft honed to perfection over the years and uncompromised quality. These are the principles that over the decades made us what we are today. Our oak and walnut products are sought after at home and abroad alike. Furniture is not an ephemeral fad for us, but a product whose aesthetics and value do not decline over time. Quite the contrary. Many awards, but above all your business increasingly convince us of this notion.

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Krásny nábytok do skutočnou hodnotou, pretrvávajúcou niekoľko generácií. Určite odporúčam.


Every single touchpoint with javorina was highly professional and very friendly. The service to have the fabrics on hand before ordering was perfect. The communication on point. The driver was on time and super kind. The bed is from a superior quality. We are more than happy and will recommend you to our friends.


Děkujeme za spolupráci, vše bylo perfektní od prohlídky v showroomu až po montáž. Věříme, že to není náš poslední produkt od Vás.


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